Brian Dood

Brian Dood is a recently retired English and reading teacher from Potlatch. Brian grew up in Riggins and spent lots of time in small town libraries loving both the books he found and the sanctuary of the library itself. He earned his BA from Northwest Nazarene and his MA from Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School of English, studying in Middlebury, Vermont and Oxford University, England. Brian has browsed some of the greatest libraries in the world, but it is the small-town library that brings comfort and encourages curiosity. He taught English for 35 years throughout Idaho and one year in England and spent some of those years as a “Let’s Talk About It” scholar for the Idaho State Library. During his teaching career Brian emphasized the importance of reading to learn and reading for enjoyment. He wants to continue to encourage that in new ways, not only for kids, but for the community as a whole. Information is vital in this age of misinformation and libraries are places to find that information, so Brian wants to support our county library system in all the ways he can.