Raising, growing and managing endowments and funds that support the Latah County Library District and special projects.

The Latah County Library District’s seven branches

Located in Bovill, Deary, Genesee, Juliaetta, Moscow, Potlatch and Troy - are vital parts of our communities. Our libraries are not just places you go for books - they offer countless educational opportunities and resources for all ages, and they provide locations for community members to come together.

Donating to the Latah County Library Foundation is a way to ensure our libraries remain strong and vibrant.

The LCLF helps fund all of the branch libraries throughout Latah County—Moscow, Troy, Potlatch, Bovill, Deary, Juliaetta and Genesee. We provide funding for any special purchases our libraries propose throughout the year and for immediate needs that cannot be met by their annual budget. Our board of directors are all residents of the Palouse, coming from both Latah and Whitman counties.

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Since 2015 the Latah County Library Foundation has contributed more than $25,000 to the district’s libraries.

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